Boat Rental Positano

With Chic & Fabulous’ Positano boat charter, you can discover rocky cliffs overlooking the sea, underwater caves, isolated coves and rocky outcrops that emerge from a pristine beach. This area offers everything you could want from a perfect holiday: crystal clear waters, ancient archaeological sites, natural thermal pools, delicious cuisine and a vibrant nightlife.

We can explore the Amalfi Coast our entire life, and each time we’ll experience the thrill of a new discovery. A glimpse, a tower, the remains of an ancient church or a beach. One of the many, which attracts in an irresistible way tens of thousands of tourists. Beaches that represent a line of border and, at the same time, a connecting element between the horizontal dimension of the sea and the verticality of the cliffs of a coastline that, quite rightly, is considered by many, one of the most beautiful in the world.

With Chic and Fabulous’ Amalfi Coast Boat Tour, you can choose to have at your total disposal the CF Hope for your Amalfi Coast boat tour. With a professional skipper who will accompany you to discover the Amalfi Coast from another point of view, perhaps the most mysterious and intriguing. And if you're the skipper, you cede the helm in being the leading actor of a memorable day. And that’s not all. CF Hope is there to comfort you and to ensure that your day is perfect for comfort and fun.... with Bluetooth stereo you can choose the soundtrack to your day, and with a motion camera on board you’ll be able to take pictures and videos which you will take with you at the end of the rental, on a micro SD that Chic and Fabulous will give you as a gift. What aspects? Book and ... Enjoy it!